Friday, July 20, 2012

We Moved to a New Address!


There just wasn't enough room here
for us to put out all of our supplies
or books or tools or anything!

* Please visit us at our new home * 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chuck Norris & Boy Jr

Chuck Norris is the reason Waldo is hiding.

Chuck Norris can divide by zero.

Chuck Norris doesn't read books. He stares at the book until he gets the information he wants.

I could go on but I think you get the idea. You would not believe how many of these sayings there are!

(Trust me, I speak from experience.)

Boy Jr just LOVES Chuck Norris jokes.

Well, apparently, Chuck Norris loves these things too. He loves them so very much he has compiled a book of his favorite sayings about him.

Chuck Norris doesn't write a book. The words assemble themselves out of fear.

Boy Jr is so excited about this book that he quickly added it to his "Birthday/Christmas Wish List".

If your boy loves Chuck then you can purchase the book at Amazon for a little more than $10.

Boy Can Cook!

I felt like an operating room nurse as I carefully laid out all the necessary equipment, making sure every piece needed was right there where it could be easily grabbed, that it was clean, and that everything else that was not needed was out of the way of the area.

Then I called my son into the room.

"Boy, I said, (I do call him that from time to time)... Boy, tonight is the night that all your years of learning have led up to this night."

I can get a bit long winded and wordy at times when I'm trying to make a momentous occasion more, I don't know, momentous.

He just looked at me, nodded and said, "I got this Mom."

I knew that he had but I still went and grabbed a large glass of water. It wasn't for me to drink. It was to throw on the fire should he happen to start one. You see, this was the first night that Boy was going to make dinner for his family, start to finish. All. By. Himself.

To be sure, I would be in the house, close by, the entire time. But I wasn't going to be reading the recipe to him. I wasn't going to make sure he did everything at the right time to make sure it was all finished together. I wasn't going to be measuring anything. In fact, I wasn't going to lift a finger.

I was going to be scared, though.

Hubby had to remind me that I had been teaching this kid how to cook since he could stand up in the kitchen. If I was mixing something in a bowl I would give him a bowl and a spoon, too. If I was cutting up vegetables I would give him peanut butter playdough and a plastic knife to chop along with me. I taught him about fractions by making him measure a cup of something with a 1/4 cup measure or a tablespoon of something with a teaspoon. Boy and I had made many cookies and layered lasagnas together. The kid had made his own breakfasts and dinners for years now.

I was still scared.

I sat there, sipping the water, thinking of all the things that could go wrong. He could fry the oil too hot, or not hot enough. He could make the pasta long before the vegetables were ready to tossed in making the pasta sit and get cold.

As I thought about the possibility of him chopping the vegetables either too big or too small I mindlessly watched him use a large chef's knife quite adeptly. Hubby remarked, "Wow! Look at how he uses that knife. Almost as if he's been doing it since he was 5 or something."

Don't tell Hubby, but his child had been using a large chef's knife since he was 5. Shh! It will be our little secret.

What?! I let Boy put his hand over mine the whole time.

I would have liked to have had a girl but Hubby's genes said that wasn't going to happen. A genetic counselor told us that for us to have girls would be like everyone else having twins. Oh...I see. Well, alrighty then, I thought, I'll just teach my boys to do the things I would have taught a daughter.

They were taught how to sew but I wouldn't trust them to do a good job. I don't know why but holding a small needle and a thin line of thread just is not their thing. They both tried finger knitting, after giving up on regular knitting. They both made one thing and then walked away vowing to never touch yarn again.

But, oh my, they can both cook! In fact, we had quite a dinner when Boy was finished.

There's a study out that says if the kids who can cook, or even help cook, like to eat more vegetables.

Now, I have no idea how the two correlate. Do you think it's because the kid can see where the food came from and how it was prepared if they are allowed to help in the preparation? I don't know.

I do know I've never had a problem getting my boys to eat anything.

I have had a problem getting them to stop talking in order to eat before their food gets cold...

but that's another post entirely.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Carol Barnier - My Hero!

Me (about 8 years ago, to a friend): I started homeschooling my son! I must be insane.

Dear Friend (also a medical doctor): How are you going to do that if you can't get him off the top of the refrigerator?

Me: Excuse me?! Well...yes, he does like to climb on top of the counters doesn't he?

Friend: I have just the book for you! A patient told me about this book. (She handed me a card with the information on it.) Her son has ADHD and she said this really helped her.

Later that day I googled this woman's name and found the greatest help ever! Carol Barnier is a homeschooling mom. She, too, "fell" into homeschooling. She has a website that helps other moms learn how to teach their kids with ADHD, and she sends out e-newsletters from time to time.

I've read her books and learned so many things from them!

I met Carol once at the Ohio homeschooling convention. She really is a very nice woman in person, too!

Now she has a Pinterest board!

I got lost on the "Creative Fun Learning" board yesterday.

Today the boys and I will be making little bows and arrows with popsicle sticks and Qtips. I can't wait! Carol got this idea from the "Almost Unschoolers" blog page. (Be careful here, too. I didn't come up for air for almost an hour.)  

By the way, LJSkool can be found on Facebook, too!

Excuse me, my popsicle is dripping. Gotta go make more ammunition!